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IRIS IRP is the Govt. recognized Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) for businesses to register invoices

The E-Invoicing threshold is to be soon brought down to all taxpayers.

More than compliance, E-invoicing is a bigger opportunity for overall business digitisation.

Government announces private IRPs

To foster the spread and adoption of e-invoicing, the government has recently announced private IRPs in addition to the government portal- NIC. Private IRPs are also authorized to issue an Invoice Registration Number (IRN).
What we offer

An end-to-end solution for
e-invoice management and beyond

E-Invoicing for Taxpayers

IRIS IRP offers a stable and secure connection for taxpayers to generate IRN for their e-invoices. Choose to connect your ERPs via API Integration or use our multiple interfaces aka web, app or excel utility and generate e-invoices seamlessly. Not only this, we offer AI and ML solutions around invoice data for CFOs to streamline their AP and AR cycles and manage better cash-flows.

How to Connect?

  • Generate e-invoices one-by-one or in bulk
  • Use Excel Utility for on-premise solution requirements
  • Upload batch data on cloud application for segregated teams
  • Integrate IRP APIs with your ERP to get on-the fly IRNs

What do you get?

  • Built by team of domain and tech experts
  • 100% Data Confidentiality
  • 99.9% Up-time

E-Invoice Integrators

Boost your solution capabilities with IRIS IRP E-invoice integration to provide your clients the assurance of a trusted partner and the confidence of a seamless experience.

Calling ERP service providers, ASPs, GSPs, system integrators and/or billing software providers to reimagine invoice data with us. Build solutions that provide endless possibilities to your customers around AR-AP cycles, payments, receivable financing or simply to generate E-Invoices.

Who is this for?

  • GSPs looking for agile E-Invoice API connection
  • ASPs looking for core and enhance E-Invoice APIs
  • ERPs looking for a seamless e-invoicing experience for their clients
  • Billing software providers looking for a guided API integrations

What do you get?

  • Bold innovators in tax technology space
  • Active member of GST ecosystem
  • Seasoned API integration team

Building Trust

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1What is E-Invoicing? When does the mandate go live
E-invoicing aka Electronic Invoicing is an electronic authentication mechanism under GST. As per the e-invoicing mandate, every business (having turnover above 10 Cr.) is required to register all of its B2B and export invoices with the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) to get a unique identification number known as the Invoice Reference Number (IRN). Thus, an e-invoice is a document with an IRN and a digitally signed QR code printed on it.
2What is an IRN?
IRN (Invoice Reference Number) is a registration number provided by the government under the e-invoicing mandate to prove the authenticity of any invoice generated by businesses. The e-invoicing mandate which was introduced in India in October 2020 mandates businesses to get their invoices registered with the Government designated system i.e. Invoice Registration Portal (IRP). To explain in simple terms, when an invoice is sent to the IRP, it gets a number unique for that particular invoice using the hash algorithm under e-invoicing.
3How to generate an IRN?
The government has provided three different options to businesses to generate IRN: 1. Generate IRN with Excel Utility Tool 2. Generate IRN through API integration via E-invoice Portal 3. Generate IRN through GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) like IRIS GST
4What is NIC?
NIC stands for National Informatics Centre. It is under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and is the technology partner of the Government of India.
5What is IRP?
IRP stands for Invoice Registration Portal. It’s a portal that acts as a registrar where businesses need to send their invoices for registration and obtain a unique identification number for every invoice called the Invoice Reference Number (IRN). The very first and the government’s official IRP is – NIC. The e-invoice portal currently in use is https://einvoice1.gst.gov.in/.
6What is a private IRP?
Private IRPs are private companies that can help companies generate IRN. To accommodate more businesses under e-invoicing, recently the government has officially authorised 4 private IRPs i.e. 4 GSPs (GST Suvidha Providers) from across the country. IRIS is one of the authorised private IRPs who along with the NIC can help companies generate IRN.
7Is an e-invoice the same as a digital invoice?
No, an e-invoice is mandatory to have an IRN and a digitally signed QR Code without which it will be considered invalid.
8How can I check the authenticity of an e-invoice?
Every e-invoice has an IRN and a digitally signed QR Code. IRP-generated QR code is digitally encoded that gets converted to a scannable image and can be processed by applications such as IRIS Peridot, IRP released app; which has the capability to apply the publicly available digital signature and decode the QR Code.
9What is B2B QR Code?
A B2B e-invoice QR Code is not just another QR Code, but a standard and digitally signed one. This digitally signed QR code can be generated only by IRP and hence adds authenticity to the document. The QR code contains select information of invoice, IRN and its generation date.
10How can I get a QR Code for my e-invoice?
You need to send all your B2B and export invoices to the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) to get an IRN and a digitally signed QR Code.
11How can I know if I need to prepare an e-invoice or not?
The e-invoicing mandate has been introduced in India in a phased manner based on the Aggregate Annual Turnover (AATO) of the companies. Currently, e-invoicing is applicable for all the companies with an AATO of Rs. 10 Cr. and more. Here’s a reference table for you with the e-invoice applicability dates and GST notification number.
12Can I prepare an e-invoice from my current billing software?
No, you can prepare just an invoice from your billing software. To prepare an e-invoice, you need to obtain an IRN (Invoice Reference Number) from an authorised IRP like IRIS IRP.

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